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LTR Products Donates Pinnacle Rubber Mulch to Create a Safer Playground for the Arsenal Family and Children’s Center in Pittsburgh

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PITTSBURGH, April 7, 2011 – The Arsenal Family and Children’s Center, an organization that offers programs and services that promote the healthy development of children, will soon have a safe and beautiful renovated playground at its Pittsburgh location (336 S. Aiken Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15232). LTR Products, a subsidiary of Pittsburgh-based Liberty Tire Recycling, recently donated Pinnacle Rubber Mulch to replace the wood mulch in the center’s playground to help create a safer, lower maintenance playground. Pinnacle Rubber Mulch is an innovative and eco-friendly alternative to wood mulch for landscaping and playgrounds that is made from recycled scrap tires.

“We are pleased to help the Arsenal Family and Children’s Center renovate its playground and ensure that children have a safe play environment,” said Brad Pittam, general manager, LTR Products. “Parents can have peace of mind knowing that while at the center, their children will have a safe and beautiful place to play for years to come.”

LTR Products donated 4.5 tons of brown rubber playground mulch for the playground project. The rubber mulch will remain bright and plush for at least 12 years, saving the center the cost and labor of having to replace the wood mulch surfacing annually. Additionally, Pittsburgh-based PLS Logistics donated the freight services for the project. Volunteers from the Arsenal Family and Children’s Center will help remove the existing wood mulch surface and install Pinnacle Rubber Mulch in the playground on Friday, April 8 and Saturday, April 9.

Pinnacle Rubber Mulch will help to make the playground safe for the children at the center. As aplayground safety surface, a six-inch layer of Pinnacle Rubber Mulch will cushion a child’s fall from as high as 16 feet, providing up to 50 percent more fall-height protection than wood mulch using half of the material. Additionally, rubber mulch is non-allergenic, non-toxic and harmless to plants, pets and children. It is also clean, minimizes airborne dust and particles, and does not splinter like wood mulch.

The mission of Arsenal Family and Children’s Center is to promote and to be an advocate for the healthy development of children and to support their parents in building a nurturing relationship with each child.

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About LTR Products

 As a subsidiary of Liberty Tire Recycling, the premier provider of tire recycling services in North America., LTR Products is a creative outlet for advanced rubber-based products. Each year, LTR Products manufactures the raw materials from millions of discarded tires into innovative products such as Pinnacle Rubber Mulch, an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood mulch. Along with Liberty Tire Recycling, the company maintains a nationwide network of processing plants and convenient shipping points. LTR Products is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. For more information, please visit

About Pinnacle Rubber Mulch

Introduced by LTR Products in December 2009, Pinnacle Rubber Mulch is an innovative alternative to traditional wood mulch for landscaping and playground surfacing. Pinnacle Rubber Mulch saves money by remaining bright and plush for at least 12 years with minimal maintenance. It is resistant to wind and water erosion, bug and rodent infestation, fading caused by sunlight, and decomposition. Unlike wood mulch, Pinnacle Rubber Mulch does not compress, thereby providing a thick and luxurious base material for landscape beds. As safety surfacing, a six-inch layer of Pinnacle Rubber Mulch will cushion a child’s fall from as high as 16 feet. For more information about Pinnacle Rubber Mulch, please visit

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